Kestler Genealogie: Können Sie dieses Kind aus Markt Erkbach von 1922 identifizieren?

Wer: Kestler
Wo: United States, San Francisco, California
Kestler Genealogy: Can you Identify this child from Markt Erkbach from 1922?
I'm a Kestler descendant and have a trove of letters and photos from my maternal great grandfather, Joh. Karl Kestler who immigrated to the United States and ultimately settled in Hollister, California in 1876. He was born in Pfaffendorf Bavaria about 1843 (and had a sister Anna, brother Peter, and another brother George (geb. 1840) who was a priest. Charlie, as he was know, ultimately died on his farm in Hollister, California in 1938.
Among the many letters, photos, and documents in the archive is the one noted here that has always piqued my interest: As I have been unable to find anyone who can read the old German script, it has remained a mystery. If there are any Kestler descendants still living in Markt Erkbach, I would certainly appreciate any further information on this boy.
Thank You